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Success stories

Viktoria Dudenkova, Murmansk

My business has not yet turned one year, but I can already say that it is very prospective. We have surprised our partners - MELON FASHION GROUP – with an amazingly successful opening and the highest ever sales figures in the whole franchise history of LOVE REPUBLIC!

At all stages of our development, the reliable MFG team of professionals has been side by side with us! I feel their interest not only in the business development but that of myself, and this an undeniable advantage of collaboration with MELON FASHION GROUP!

Svetlana Sazonova, Ulyanovsk

We couldn’t even imagine that opening of the LOVE REPUBLIC store in Ulyanovsk would create such a sensation! This welcome has helped our team to tune to success from the very start and open one more store in half a year!

We feel huge support from the Company. MELON FASHION GROUP provides us promptly with advertising materials of high quality, luxurious look books of seasonal collections and flawless videos! We can call MFG at any time, and our colleagues will advise us and answer our questions.