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Franchise system

  • Spectacular unique concept of the brand

  • Unique positioning on the market

  • Bright interior design which enhances purchasing and loyalty to the brand

  • Flexible loyalty program in franchise operations

  • Renewal of assortment every one and a half weeks

  • No competition in pricing. The same prices all over Russia.

  • Free delivery of goods

  • Free seasonal marketing changes inside the store

  • Free development of the shop interior design project

  • Control and full support of account managers on an ongoing basis (consultancy on branded sales, calculation of an order, analysis of key indicators of sales, analysis of stocks, help in assortment and mark-up)

  • LR merchandisers present at store openings

  • Free training and improving professional status of the shop personnel in the field of the standards and concept of sales

  • Free consultancy and support in dealing with landlords.