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Architecture of the store

The new design-concept LOVE REPUBLIC was developed in 2014 by British design and architecture agency MRA and was realized in flagship stores in St. Petersburg and Moscow, also brand continues renewal of previously opened stores. 

The interior of LOVE REPUBLIC store, which reflects the primary values of the brand - femininity and sexuality, was created in a combination of contrasting colors: the usage of black and white and gold in the design of sales area and equipment of the store appearance gives a more modern, dynamic look. 

Marble textures, dark wood and exclusive lace ornament, framing storefront, became other attributes of the new concept. 

The basic solution of the architectural concept LOVE REPUBLIC is zoning: a huge retail space of store is divided into special zones for assortment lines and colors. Furthermore golden frame displays, red velvet and lace, elegant crystal chandeliers and mirrors framed with classic moldings are used in the store design.