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The history of franchising in LOVE REPUBLIC began in 2010 from the opening in 22.02.2010 of a store in the Central Department store of Arkhangelsk.

Franchise development followed such principles as:

  • Marketing support to franchise partners

  • Stable price policy

  • Common reporting system

  • Strict delivery schedule.

The first results proved the successfully defined strategy.

In 2010, an ambitious plan was adopted which outlined further expansion of the LR franchising chain all over Russia. The same year shops were opened in Вэтомгодубылиоткрытымагазиныв Izhevsk, Novokuznetsk, Ivanovo Yakutsk,Cheboksary.

In 2011, the LOVE REPUBLIC franchise chain amounted to 7 stores.

In 2012, franchising was covering 14 regions adding Vologda, Ulan-Ude, Tomsk, Saransk Vladivostok.

As at 1 October 2013, there were 21 LOVE REPUBLIC franchise stores in 19 cities of Russia including also Vladikavkaz, Murmansk, Smolensk, Velikiy Novgorod, Oryol, Kemerovo and Lipetsk.

As of 1June 2014, there were 26 LOVE REPUBLIC franchise stores in 23 cities.

Franchise terms and conditions

1.1. Requirements for potential franchise partners:
Leased or owned sales spaces meeting the LOVE REPUBLIC requirements in terms of location and engineering.

  • Funds, own or partially borrowed, for opening a store.

  • Readiness to work as a franchisee meeting common requirements and standards adopted in the LOVE REPUBLIC retail chain.

  • Readiness to meet financial and contractual obligations.

1.2. Requirementstothestore:

  • The LR stores should be opened in popular shopping and entertainment centers with high human traffic.

  • The LR stores must be located in main shopping galleries, not higher than the second level, in immediate proximity to the main human flow, the central entrance, or escalator/elevator.

  • The LR stores must be located among federal and international fashion chains.

  • There must be a separate entrance and shop windows.

  • he total space must be from 120 to 180 square meters.